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What's a QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes optical devices and smartphones can easily read. Designed in 1994 for the japanese automotive industry, a qr code contains information about the item to which it is attached!

How it works?

A qr code stores encoded data that can take many forms, but also: web address, email, phone call, SMS message, wifi key, app store link and many more!
On reading devices like smartphones such qr codes will trigger events!

QRcodeLab Goal

We wish to offer an easy-to-use and efficient online qr code generator to perform advanced digital editing and even to push qr codes into digital art! Or just to watermark images with qr code marketing content as well as to brand products.

Our Plusses

Attractive prices starting $1.49/month! Multiplatform qr code generator web application! Unlimited tries!
No lock-in! Upgrade, downgrade and end subscription anytime!
Privacy friendly and GPRD compliant!

Brand images, graphics and products with qr codes!

Sick and tired of having your pictures running around without your consent? With no or few return? We have a solution for you!

Basically you can watermark your graphic material with qr codes.

With our advanced online qr code generator and graphic editor you can overlap and even totally cover the main subject of your images with discreet and design appealing qr codes. Tuning the color contrast and transparency, you will preserve the image readability.

Feel confident! The shape of our qr code elements can be randomly arranged, so watermark stripping tools will be mostly inefficient.

And, most of all, with our outstanding qr codes your images will host a breadcrumb trail back to you, however way you wish! (web address, email, raw text, …)

Get the most from our online QR code generator!

Move forward from those old-looking squared black & white qr codes with our advanced qr code generator!

QRcodeLab online graphic qr code editor will allow you to easily design and fine tune state-of-the-art professional looking, fun and meaningful qr codes.

Refine your design and boost your visual communication with a wide variety of qr codes shapes and colors!

Go beyond the competition pushing qr code design into digital art!

Appealing image compositions, better look, improved communication!

Most advanced online qr code generator!

  • High definition qr codes whatever the size of your images
  • Do your job blasting fast with 3 different user experience levels!
  • Hundreds of different shapes to choose from!
  • Work with multiple layers: background image, qr code background and the qr code itself.
  • Freely move, rotate and scale your qr code.
  • Unrestricted color and transparency for any qr code element! Color picker for exact color matching!
  • Blurring effect for best image integration!
  • Rotation, scaling, mirror and random effects!
  • Want to apply your qr code like a texture? We provide unique qr code deformation and 3D perspective effect tools!

QRcodeLab Pricing

Relax! Our QRcodeLab online qr code generator pricing policy simply depends on the image size you choose to deal with!

Subscription Plans

Monthly Plans1024px1440px2048px4096px
Image Size in Pixels 1024144020484096
QRcodes Units Included (*) 10101010
Prices in USD (sales taxes excl.)$1.49$3.49$8.39$19.99

(*) unconsumed quantities are not carried over to the following period

More QR codes?

Additional credits last forever!

Quantity PlanExpiryPrice/Unit in USD (sales taxes excl.)
Minimum order 05 unitsNo expiry date$0.35