Design QRcodes like a pro !

What's that QR stuff ?

QRcodes are two-dimensional barcodes smartphones can easily read. QRs contain different kind of data that may trigger events : e-shop direct‑buy link, App link, and many others…


An easy-to-use online QR code generator to watermark images with marketing content. Branding products? Tag, lock and secure them whith elegant QR codes acting as anti-theft lock and breadcrumb trail!

How ?

We created a webapp suitable for individuals and companies. Feel free to test as much as needed. An integrated tool informs if your QRcode is OK but double checking with mobile tagging is also easy!

Nice !

Prices start at USD 1.49/month! We love freedom so you can upgrade, downgrade and end your subscription anytime. Also we’re privacy friendly and GPRD compliant.