Image gallery

Image gallery

Insert QRcode in image to tag, lock and secure with watermark when branding product

All images here were produced with our online qrcode generator, using the tools provided. No photoshopping, no image post-processing!

Keep calm and have a chat with the barista

Chick’n Eggs Easter qrcode!

Bunny Easter qrcode!

Rubber duck themed QR code! (Never shoot sitting ducks, even to encode a QR code!)

Gorilla themed QR code!

Easy and fast! Seamless QRcode integration in images! QRcode watermarking! Brand & lock your images!

Like this one! d^^b QR code watermark with image integration and perspective effect.

Discreet QRs! (but shhh…) QR code watermark.

New QRs in town! (not so loud…) XD

QRcoded Uncle Sam! Using rectangle and star dots to suggest the stars and stripes of the US flag.

3D effect mimicking the sunflowers pensive attitude. “Of all the many ways sunflowers love light, regret is the most beautiful shadow on the sundial.” - Paul Eluard

Another qrcode with 3D effect and transparency! …holding a quote on bee and humanity.

Umbrella movement #fightforfreedom QRcode with 3D effect and a lot of transparency.

QRcode image integration with perspective effect and heartwarming pet quote!

Best 2020 QR-wishes! All about happiness ;)

QRcode image integration with a nice sea text quote!

QRcode image integration with perspective effect and very similar colors… plus anti-thirst text quote!

QRcode image integration with 3D perspective effect.

Manta ray scanning! ;) QRcode image integration with perspective effect.